Bad Eggs 2

  • Bad Eggs Online 2 an exciting 3D game packed with action games same like Worms, and the only difference is rotten eggs replace worms.
  • It is a multiplayer and 3D action game that lets you participate in tournaments with the opponent’s rotten eggs 1vs1/2vs2/3vs3.
  • In this game, you can get tons of unlocks, weapons with plenty of fun.


  • You need to participate in matches and score high egg rankings and unlock fresh eggshells, badges, and weapons. It can be used to personalize your egg card and prove yourself in front of the community of Bad Eggs.
  • Continue to invite friends, create clans, and be part of the war to enjoy the game.

In-game currency

  • You can buy extras using the credits, which is an in-game currency. You need real money to obtain a loan.
  • The game is breathtaking, and you will face some rotten eggs in the gameplay. In this game, you need to get into the fight to be successful. You need to prove yourself against the army of rotten eggs. For this, you need to place your team members accurately so that they aren’t caught by the enemy quickly. 
  • Well, you have to be extra careful while aiming and shooting the weapons to destroy your enemies.
  • Select from a variety of weapons available for destruction and destroy your enemies. 
  • As you continue to destroy your enemy, the level’s landscape gets separated by the weapons you use, and with each shot, the game becomes more challenging. Continue to enjoy the destruction.

How to play 

  • You need to use the keys A & D and move towards left/right. To jump use – W key
  • Arrow keys/mouse – Aim
  • SPACE bar – Fire
  • Enter key – Toggle chatting

The game is about fighting against the rotten eggs that are your enemies in the game, and you need to rank higher as well.