Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja game is full of entertainment but can say it is a severe action game too.


  • In the game, your mission is to gather the crystals and escape from deadly lasers as well as sharp objects as they can hurt you.
  • You may not find the depth in levels of the game, but with each level, it becomes more complicated than the previous one. 
  • You have to use various switches and buttons as well as triggers to touch the finish line remaining alive. 
  • This game wasn’t easy to play at school, but now you can play this unblocked Cat Ninja game almost anywhere.
  • The fantastic set of levels offers you the freedom to change gravity. The main character you play with is a little blue cat that can perform different tricks like it can carry out a double jump plus climb on walls too.
  • The idea behind playing the whole level is to grab the crystal. In case you are not able to get the diamond, you can start the game levels with the help of the R button. This will start the level again from the previous checkpoint.

The mission of the game

  • Here the game has two cats that are fighting to get their position in the sun. It is undoubtedly a challenge for game lovers who like the regular school time fighter games that used to add entertainment to the life of your friends.

How to play

  • You need to move right or left, punch, or kick your enemy and make sure you block your enemies’ attacks. Try to be the most relaxed fighter as a cat and continue. You would love playing this game as it has fantastic graphics. 

Game Controls

  • WASD/Arrow keys for moving
  • R- for restarting 
  • For double jump – press jump button two times
  • Press the jump button and then press down arrow to brake pins.