Get Help With Notepad In Windows10

  • Notepad is the simple text software for Microsoft Windows and text program to create documents. Notepad is included in almost all versions of the Windows operating system. It’s a free tool for text editing to a very basic text editing tool that you want to use at the beginning of the course before we get into Microsoft word. 
  • Notepad does not support tab editing, unlike Notepad+. In Notepad+, you can open multiple files on a single Window and those files will be converted into a tab. Notepad has very limited formatting options. so, what is that mean? Limited formatting means, you do not have enough choice to give a better style or formatting to your document by using Notepad. But still, you can learn, and do many things that will help you in other applications.

How to get help with Notepad in Windows10? 

  • The formating option in Notepad is available under the Format Menu for font command. When you click on  Font, you will present a dialog box, having a lot of commands on it. The first box will be showing a list of names with the heading called ” Font “. The font is the character style to make your document for stylish, than the ordinary one. 
  • You can choose any style you like from the list, by scrolling the list from your mouse by using the Scroll Button. After choosing the Font, you can make it more stylish with, Font Style command. You can make them much darker with the bold command or you can give them an italic look with the Oblique command or you can use both of them. 
  • The next option is to choose the font size. The font size command is used to make your text size small or bigger. You can also change the script o your fonts, if you want to have special characters like Turkish or Greek. after choosing the desire options, clicking the OK button will apply the selected style to your document. Here one thing to remember that the chosen style will apply to the entire text. 
  • There is another command in the Format menu, called Word Wrap. Once you click on this command, it will get ticked and the second time you click on it, it will get unchecked. By default, the word wrap is unchecked.
  • The other important command is to find something in a large document. Suppose, if your file consists of hundred pages, and you need to move to particular information then it takes you ages to find that particular information. To make this work easier, there is a command on the Edit menu called ” Find “. This command is used to find the specific information, in seconds.

Two ways to Open Notepad in Windows10 : 

  • First Method: By clicking the start button, just start typing the word Notepad in the search bar. You can click on the Notepad option and start writing your documents. 
  • Second Method: You can also create a shortcut by right click that Notepad icon and choose pin to start and then you can right-click it and choose pin to taskbar. Now notepad icon will be visible to you on your taskbar and also in the start menu. 

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